Posted by: Smee | July 30, 2008


Hmmmm… the whole ‘blogging’ concept isn’t a new one. And chances are I’ll have nothing original to say. But who can say I won’t discover a natural flair for dramatic understatement and attract a bizarre crowd of enthusiastic mutant hamsters hanging on my every word!

Oh, erm… hi. I should probably introduce myself. I’m Smee. A mid-20’s English guy floating about in that ‘temp’ job after University before supposedly heading off and starting a proper career. Ahem, anyway…

I’ve tried to avoid joining the blogging bandwagon. I didn’t want a blog that was a ‘dear diary’ type of my day-to-day activities from washing up a plate (ha, like that happens whilst I still have tin foil I can fold into a disposable plate and save on the effort), to trying to find matching socks before being late for work. Meh, not interesting.

But, I do have a hobby that a good few million people share, and I do find myself with a spare thirty minutes each day that I can likely devote to some semi-literate writing.

So here it is. The beginning. The start.


“Smee’s Resto Shammy Blog”

…What do you mean that sucks for a title! Ok – so it’s not as catchy as Too Many Annas or as witty as Hoof n’ Healz. But I’ve got to start somewhere and my title tells it how it is! If ya have a better idea – send it in on a postcard.

Lets get to it then: an introduction. The brief history of Smeester the Shammy. I’ll even do it in bullet form so it’s quick for those whose eyes are already drooping.

  • He’s a spacegoat (Draenei) but no face tentacles.
  • He came into existance round about May 2007.
  • He’s only ever been resto. From L10 – 70.

My original character was a mage. I wanted to learn how to heal, so I healed my way through every instance Azeroth had to offer – endless pugs with all the stories and heartbreak that entails. But I did learn how to heal. And there’s something satisfying about having such fools providing you the XP required to level. Plus as a healer, you can always let them die if they get too annoying. Mwahahahaha.

Anyhoo, so what’s my plan? Why start a blog now? Why should you even finish reading this sentence, let alone the whole entry or come back and read subsequent entries?

Tough questions! The plan is to blog my way through the Lich King expansion due out in 3-18months depending on who you ask. I figured it would be nice to have 2 or 1 loyal reader(s) by then, so I’m starting early and I’ll be attempting to entertain you with a mixture of mildly interesting information cunningly couched in a lot of waffle with the occassional big word whenever I get enthusiastic enough to open a thesaurus. Oh the mendacity!

Ha, I can see you reaching for that bookmark button already. You were too easy. It was no challenge to capture you, I knew the brilliance of my writing… what! No wait, come back…

Awww shucks. 

Ok – being serious for a while. I am in a raiding guild, progressing through Black Temple. Bloodboil died last week (although he spent 2 hours farming us last night) and we will be attempting The big box of Souls sometime soon. I will be talking about my experiences of these new bosses, and all the old bosses as and when we go through them each week.

Before I go, and call and end to this travesty of an opening entry, I will mention that whilst I’m a relatively optimistic guy, not prone to screaming ‘DOOOM’ at the first hint of potion sickness or lack of new chainheal ranks, I will occassionally get riled and be forced to climb on to a spacebox and /rant.

Apologies in advance.

Now to go find somewhere that’ll host this tripe…


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