Posted by: Smee | August 5, 2008

Back after the weekend…

Busy weekend away from Azeroth, with a family member’s birthday.

Last night was a fun raid though… we went back in to see Kael, and hit phase 5 on the first attempt. Couple of little hiccups on the next two attempts and then he was down. Very nice evening.

For me personally, it meant the 3 badges I needed to get the 60 badge ring, along with the Scale of Sands ring too (with my rep already at exalted). Double upgrade, very nice.

It really is a great fight for the sheer variety.

For me personally, I spend phase one lightning bolting my socks off, utilising the constantly proc’ing watershield every time a gaze is switched. Phase two and suddenly I’m chainhealing like crazy as the conjured staff starts aoe frostbolting all the squishies whilst the tanks are ripped into by the other weapons. Phase three I’m suddenly single target healing two tanks. The one remaining on the shield, and the other on the newly rezzed Telonicus. Occassionaly chain heal if the melee get too close to a bomb. Phase 4 and I’m HW, LHW and CH’ing as and when opportunity arises, along with earthshocks on Kael’s fireballs.

For a resto-shaman, rarely (if at all) will you get to use such a wide variety of your abilities in one fight. I only wish it had been the guild’s first kill rather than the officer’s sympathy kill for those wanting titles and rings. It was more a sigh of relief, than a cheer of success when he died (we’d spent three nights on him). Oh well. I loved it atleast.

WotLK talents keep getting updated and changed. I’m still not convinced we’re looking solid yet, but I’ll hold off on waffling about it until we actually have our promised extra ranks of chainheal/watershield implemented and spirit link has been tested. I did attempt some ‘analysis’ of the first set of talents to be released, two pages or so, only for it all to be voided when half of them changed the following day. Not being caught by that again.

Until next time.


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