Posted by: Smee | August 21, 2008

Checking in…

It’s been a few days since my last wafflings… ok ok, more like 2 weeks. I apologise.

But then, I haven’t actually taken the effort (been brave enough) to spread my link out there yet, so theoretically I have no readers to disappoint.

I’ve not been completely unproductive though. A key part of such blogs will be linking to fellow bloggers posts where relevant, and I can’t do that until I read them. As Matticus discusses in a recent entry establishing a reputation as a new blogger requires some careful work not to piss off the community. Especially one as tight knit as this wow healers group appears to be.

It’s unlikely that I’ll go posting irrelevant links to here on every blog I see in the next few days, so I’m happy I’ll sidestep that little danger.

Anyway, enough. Lets get to something a little more juicy. Most bloggers, portals and forums have recently been swamped by opinions and thoughts about the changes to downranking spells in Lich King that will basically make it a thing of the past.

I’m not a big pvp’er, but even so, I do use rank 1 earthshock on many mobs and bosses. It came as pleasant news to see a blue post recently that some kind of equivilent spell is being worked on to take it’s place. I have to laugh at the hopes of some druids that believe this will lead to them getting a rank 1 moonfire equivilent. No, no you foul beasts, no longer will you be able to destroy my 1000 mana’s worth of totems for 80 mana automatically with a macro that targets them all except stoneclaw. Bastards (but I love you of course).

Ahem – I really don’t pvp much. But I still reserve the right to get a little indignant about it on behalf of my fellow shammies who do like to kill some horde (or alliance). It’s not like you see Pallies aura’s vanishing, or blessings being dispelled anywhere near as easily as our poor totems do, and our totems don’t even move with us.

There’s talk about stoneclaw offering protection for our totems, and/or talents that increase the health of the totems to a % of our health. It’s probably best not to bother pointing out flaws with such ideas yet, when we continue to get promises of polish passes etc. I’ll bide my time.

We got Bloodboil down again this week which was nice. But it was hairy. We survived 18 secs of enrage with some rogue evasion tanking to get him down. Nature’s Switftness + chainlightning + frostshock was my contribution. I’m amazed I had the mana left after 10 minutes 18 secs of near constant healing. Damn that fight is tricky.

Still it was quite the victory for the guild. Our first kill had 4 CoH priests, and 2 shammies for raid healing. This second kill had only 2 CoH and just 1 shammy. The rest being pallies (they’re like buses, there’s none for ages, then loads turn up at once. We had 5 pallies in last nights raid!).

With this victory came opportunity the next evening for our first look at Relen…relinq… thingy of souls. Our first attempt at the trash ghost gauntlet bought my fps down to 2, so I had to lower all my graphic settings, reload wow, and then make creative use of wall staring to allow it to get steady at 11fps and sufficent for me to keep chain heal going. The raid setup was weird, we were very short on DPS and had something like 9 healers. We didn’t expect to get very far, but wanted the practice on the trash run and to see the encounter. Despite this, we still got to within 8% of finishing phase 2, so we were quite happy.

It didn’t seem anywhere near as complicated a fight as the tactics would make you feel. Sadly I think we’ll still have people failing to kill their constructs on Teron long after ROS is on farm. In a recent thread on PlusHeal, I made my feelings about construct killing very clear, but I guess I do have to bow down and accept that there must be some difficulty there, given the universal problems for so many people.

Then again – on the basis of that argument – cube clicking is a hard task too. As is, running away from fire. At what point do we begin to accept that something isn’t hard because a lot of people fail at it, but that there is simply a lot of bad players out there!

Oh well, /ranting does nothing to help. Perhaps I’ll drag some people from the guild who struggle on constructs to that house on the hilltop in duskwood, where everything goes dark and gloomy and have them wand 4 skeletons in order for practice. Or better still, send them to Scholo and they can practice kiting the exact same model mobs round and round.

That enough from me for now – lunch calls.


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